About Us

Atewa Pusat Gerak Pamer Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2010 and operates a Public Licensed Bonded Warehouse in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Our mission is to provide excellent warehousing and forwarding services to all our customers at competitive prices with the ultimate aim of achieving Total Customer Satisfaction.

Why we are different

We provide main services like warehousing, trucking, forwarding, repacking and etc. Due to strong demand for logistic services in this region, we have set up a forwarding company, Trans Jaya Sdn Bhd which is strategically located in Port Klang to focus on forwarding services.

Our Vision

Maintains a fleet of commercial trucks to provide superb interstate transport services for both bonded and non-bonded cargoes and have acquired the most modern and advanced fleet of trucks which would cater to our clients via their factory anywhere in Malaysia. With our bonded trucks, we can offer cost-effective service for deliveries not only on a chartered basis but also on consolidated consignments from ports to industrial parks to the most remote destinations and vice versa. Combined with our warehouse and distribution facilities, we are able to play a vital role in supporting the Malaysian Government initiative on raising the strategic value of Port Klang as Malaysia's Gateway to the World.